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Create a custom Cookies Consent Banner disclosing cookies usage and be compliant with the law: GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy. Easily manage your banner appearance, texts, style and content.

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Cookie Consent Banner Features

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Fully compliant

Generate a cookie consent banner designed to meet the guidelines of laws like the GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy along with provider requirements like Google Analytics, Adsense and more.

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Easy to use

No technical knowledge required. Choose from various ways of integrating it in to your CMS, blog, ecommerce or SaaS.

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Automatic updates

Whenever current laws are amended or new legislation comes out, TermsHub will automatically update your cookie consent banner to help you stay compliant.

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Unique for everyone

Easily Customize Cookie Consent Banner

Choose your banner shape, style, colors and content. It will easily fit for your website design. Make your cookie consent banner good looking for your users. Control and monitor all related data.

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Zero technical skills required

Simple Integration with All in One Control Panel

Integration made easy. Add one script line to your website and control everything related cookie consent banner. Automated scan and reports. Automatic blocking cookies until consent is given. Just few steps to be compliant. More information on dashboard and help post.


Legal protection all around the world

Compliance with GDPR, CalOPPA, CCPA, and more

TermsHub continuously monitors laws, acts, and regulations in a number of jurisdictions (countries and states) for any updates that may be necessary for your policies. We will update your documents automatically or alert you instead.

Forget templates. Customized legal documents

For Any Type of Your Business



With a clear Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms of Service, the consumers will trust your business more.

Mobile Apps & SaaS

Mobile Apps & SaaS

Generate unique policies for your app or software. We will take care of regular updates and compliance with laws

Facebook & Instagram stores

Facebook & Instagram stores

Social networks are a good place for your business. Secure it in 2 minutes with custom Privacy and Cookie Policies

Blogs & Websites

Blogs & Websites

Your audience appreciates easy-to-read articles. Our generated legal documents are similar to that. Try it!

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Become professional

Increase Your Business Trust

The best-in-class documents are for the best businesses. Our professionals worked hard to make top-notch generators. Your website users will trust more if you have documents in which defined guidelines, collected data, and processes about them. In addition, it secures you from huge penalties.

Unique for your business

Our Compliance Solutions

Terms of Service Icon

Terms of Service

All the websites must have TOS. It's the contract between website owner and visitor in which you lay out your users' rules and guidelines.

Our Compliance Solutions

Privacy Policy

Every business collects data online. This document describes which data are collected about users in general (payments, security, etc.).

Cookie Policy Icon

Cookie Policy

It is closely related to Privacy Policy. The document points out specific information about cookies, why and which are collected.

Refund Policy Icon

Refund Policy

Highly recommended for ecommerce. It is the contract on how to act when goods should be returned or money refunded.

Cookie Consent Banner Icon

Cookie Consent Banner

Must have to comply with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy. It helps to control what cookies should be set or denied while visiting your website.

Cookie Scanner

Cookie Scanner

The best cookie scanning tool that scans your website for cookies in seconds and generates a detailed report.

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What are you worried about


Is my website fully GDPR, CCPA compliant if I use the banner?

The cookie consent banner only provides cookie control for your end users, if used correctly the banner will cover all sections of the law regarding tracking using cookies. Regulations cover many other privacy and security questions, you will need to generate Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and TOS as minimum.


Can I customize the cookie consent banner?

Yes, you can choose your themes, customize colors, all text, content and control the position of each element. You can find everything in our dashboard.


Does the banner affect the speed of my website?

We have optimized the banner to make sure it has minimal impact on the speed of your website.


Does cookie consent banner collect any personal information or track end users?

We do not collect any personal information about your end users and can not track any activity.


Can I use cookie consent banner forever?

You will be able to use it as long as you have our subscription. Our lawyers work hard to make updates and compliance to law for your website. Canceling subscription ends with not working banner.

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